Gros Morne National Park of Canadagros_morne

There are numerous natural and man-made attractions in and around the community of Norris Point. The most famous of these attractions being Gros Morne National Park of Canada located right next door. Gros Morne was designated a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site in 1987, is an area of great natural beauty with a rich variety of scenery, wildlife, and recreational activities. Visitors can hike through wild, uninhabited mountains and camp by the sea. Various boat tours bring visitors through freshwater fjord carved out by glaciers. The Tablelands are a unique geological formation in Gros Morne National Park; they are visible across Bonne Bay from Norris Point. UNESCO’s World Heritage Site designation acknowledges the Tablelands geological diversity and striking barren shapes.

Bonne Bay Marine StationMarine_Station_Bonne_Bay

Officially opened on 6 Sept, 2002, the Bonne Bay Marine Station is operated by Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Gros Morne Co-operating Association. Equipped with teaching and research laboratories, library/resource centre, multimedia theatre, aquarium, residence accommodations, and small boats, the station offers students a premiere learning environment and researchers a first-rate facility for marine ecosystem research.

Jenniex_HouseJenniex House & Look-Out

The Jenniex House & Look Out is an old typical salt box house that overlooks beautiful Bonne Bay and a photographer`s paradise with a magnificent view of the Tablelands.

The house was built in Neddies Harbour in 1926 partly over the water. It was moved over the ice out to Norris Point in 1938. It was donated to the Norris Point Heritage Committee in 1995 and moved once again to the lookout where it stands now.

The house was designated a heritage site on June 22nd, 1998. The property houses many local artifacts as well as a craft store with local handmade crafts. Jenniex House also offers tea, coffee, soft drinks, water, muffins and a Newfie Mug – Up with homemade bread and molasses. The property is open yearly late June to mid-September. There is no admission, however donations are accepted to visit the museum.

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jaw-heritage-centerJulia Ann Walsh Heritage Center

The Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Center (formerly the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital) is owned and operated by The Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation. It was designated as a Municipal Heritage Site in October 2003. It received the Historic Sites Association Manning Award for Excellence in the Public Presentation of Historic Places in March 2010.

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hikerHiking Trails

If hiking is a favourite summer activity of yours then Norris Point is just the place for you with the James W. Humber Hiking Trail as well as the Burnt Hill Trail winding in and around town.

The James W. Humber Trail is located at the Norris Point Look-out, the site of the Jenniex Heritage House. You can park your vehicle at the look-out site. Here you will capture the breathtaking view of Norris Point and the Tablelands in the background. The trail will take you 4000 feet to the seashore. Here you can view what a typical Newfoundland fishing village looked like. You may still see a fisherman unload his catch from the wharf. It is the ideal location for beach-combing and probably the best place to see the caplin beach. Also from time to time you can see the whales. There are rest benches on the trail and also a look-out point where you can sit and enjoy your lunch or sketch the scenery. It is a photographer’s delight.

Burnt Hill Trail is located at the Norris Point Waterfront at the end of Stone’s Lane. The 260 feet high hill is known as Neddy Hill, Big Hill and Burnt Hill. It is surrounded by water on three sides and the Town of Norris Point on the other. The spectacular view of the Town of Norris Point and area from the top of the hill is a photographer’s paradise and a very rewarding climb. A forest fire which caused no property damage threw a scare into the people of Norris Point in 1898. Mr Tucker was boiling pitch to put on his boat when the contents of the tin caught on fire. The boat was soon ablaze which ignited the nearby trees and in a short time the whole hill was on fire. A narrow Isthmus of land saved the fire from spreading to the unbroken body of trees that cover the Northern Peninsula. The fire burnt itself out before it reached the property of any of its residents. Since that time much of the hill has regained its growth of trees.

Within the community of Norris Point are numerous attractions such as KOA Campground, numerous shops and restaurants, sandy beaches and a multitude of outdoor adventure opportunities.

trails_talesTrails Tales Tunes Festival

The Trails Tales Tunes Walking and Entertainment Festival is composed of many activities, all happening in the compact picturesque town of Norris Point, Gros Morne National Park. Daily walks, culinary events, music, storytelling, and luxury and practical accommodations all await you. The perfect chance to awaken yourself with the awakening of spring. An opportunity to immerse yourself in outport hospitality and in an authentic cultural experience.